For The Girl Who Just Wants To Know If It’s Going To Be Okay

For the girl who just wants to know if it’s going to be okay,

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Take a deep breath. 

Not only in the moments when you’re scared, upset, or on the verge of crocodile tears, but remember to stop and take a breath in the moments when you find yourself on top of the world. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to look around at how far you have climbed. Look up above you and be reminded that there will always be new heights to reach. If the earth is below you and the sky is above you, I can promise you that there is a fire within you. Find what it is that makes that fire burn and chase it. And in the moments you don’t think you could possibly take one more step, stop and take a deep breath. Be reminded that even if you have nothing else, you still have your breath, and that is something to be thankful for.

Let yourself feel it all.

We spend so much of our lives running from feelings. Heartache, loss, regret, suffering—we condition ourselves to believe that feeling nothing is better than feeling pain. Realize that these feelings have a purpose. These feelings, too, help us grow. Allow yourself to sit with the pain. Invite it for a cup of coffee, look yourself in the mirror and tell your heart you are no longer afraid of what it has to say. Allow the feelings to run over your skin like a warm shower washing you new. Soon you’ll see that without the darkness, we would never recognize the light.

Take the chance. 

It is never the right time for anything. The longer we allow ourselves to wait, the more our minds will try to talk us out of chasing our dreams. Dreamers are just that. Believe in yourself enough to chase your dreams and catch them. That thing you’ve been thinking about is still there because it matters. You matter. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll end up back in the chair you’re sitting in right now, getting ready to chase after the next dream on the list.


To the party, to Mount Everest, to the moon. Wherever it is you’ve got the chance to explore, go. Run. We spend so much time wondering why the things around us haven’t changed without realizing how easily we can change the things around us. Maybe you’ll love it, maybe you’ll hate it, but if you don’t go, you will never know.

Believe them when they tell you you’re beautiful. 

I hope someday you get a chance to see how you look through the eyes of those who love you. I hope someday you can look in the mirror and smile at the lips that kissed 1,000 frogs without any of them turning into a prince. I hope you can thank the legs that took the hardest step you never thought you’d be able to take—the legs that are still standing, still walking, still carrying you today. I hope you can love the laugh lines that showed up without warning and made your face their home, and I hope that each day they get deeper. I hope you can learn to love the way your hair looks first thing in the morning, wild and messy like your heart. And I hope you surround yourself with people who see you with their hearts first before looking with their eyes.

Hold on.

To the memories that make you smile, the people who know the song your heart sings even when you forget the words, and to the faith that if today wasn’t the day, you can try again tomorrow.

Let go.

Of the unrealistic expectations, the anchors without a purpose, and of that thing from last week (or month or year) that does nothing but harbor negativity to hold onto. Let go of the bad so the good may seep in.

Oh, and Forgive yourself. The time has come. Unclench the fists you hold so tight and forgive yourself for that silly mistake in the past that has long forgotten you. Deep breath, chin up, eyes forward. It’s time to move on. It’s time to let go.

Sweet soul, the biggest lesson to be learned here is that you aren’t perfect and you never will be.
Life is not intended to be perfect, and it most definitely doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.
Live courageously, love fearlessly, and dream endlessly.
Walk into each day with the understanding that what’s meant for you will find you and what doesn’t find you was never meant for you. Feel peace in knowing that if it doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s a chance to grow.

Accept the daily challenge to get to know yourself better than anyone else ever could.
You are worth knowing; please believe me when I tell you that.

I know you’d like an answer, or a crystal ball glimpse promising life will end up okay.

I ask you this: do you really want to know? After all, aren’t all of the steps that get you there where the true joy is hidden? What would you do if I showed you a picture of a life you’d never planned with people you’ve never dreamt of? What would you do if I showed you a glimpse of a life you’re certain you weren’t supposed to live?

Don’t wish away the now simply to know what’s next. The now is here and before you know it, it’ll soon become the past you’re left remembering.
Make the now worth remembering.

But if you must know, sweet soul, then let me promise you one thing.

It isn’t going to end up how you planned it.

In fact, it’ll end up being so much better than that.

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