7 Things Nobody Tells You When You Have A Broken Heart


Things they ‘will’ tell you

* It’ll be worth it

* You’re better off

* You’ll find what you’re looking for

* I’m here for you

* Time will heal

* It’s going to be okay

Things they ‘won’t’ tell you

1. Sometimes it feels like it wasn’t worth it. Sometimes the good memories creep in and take over your mind and convince you that you’ve made a huge mistake.

Sometimes, as time passes, all of the bad times hide behind the good times, and it’s hard to remember why things even ended in the first place.

2. Sometimes it feels like you’re not better off. In fact, sometimes it feels impossible to be alone. Breathing is painful, and closed-eyes means a memory reel replay and being awake means pretending that you’re doing okay.

Sometimes it feels like you’re learning how to live all over again—did I really used to do all of these things alone? It may not seem like much, but every breath is proof. Every step is the answer. You’re going to get through this; you can do anything alone.

3. Sometimes you don’t want to find whatever it is you said you were looking for. Sometimes searching only leads to disappointment and missing and longing and reaching for the past. Sometimes meeting someone else only leads to making lists of all the ways they aren’t like him.

A night that was supposed to lead to finding the answer only ends up with a hundred more questions and a thousand tears drowning your heart at the end of the night, alone.

4. Sometimes I’m here for you leads to empty excuses to spend your nights alone. Endless alerts and unanswered voicemails only lead to the realization that none of them are from him.

Sometimes a night out on the town surrounded by a room full of people is the best way to feel like you’ve never been more alone. Take the time you need. Be patient with your heart.

But promise yourself that you won’t spend so much time in the dark that you forget the way you’ve always loved sunlight on your face. When the rays peek in, your eyes might feel blinded, but if you wait long enough, they’ll always adjust.

Enjoy the still of the darkness for a moment, but when your legs feel ready, promise you’ll return to chasing the light.

5. Sometimes time can’t pass when you’re stuck looking backward. In times like these, turning around feels like the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Sometimes the past is remembered even fonder than it happened and the future seems scarier than it could ever really be.

Close one chapter and let another begin. No one is asking you to finish the book; just allow yourself to turn the page.

6. Sometimes it’s not going to be okay. Some nights will be spent filled with hollow cries and endless discomfort and middle-of-the-night wake-ups leading to reaching with nothing to find.

Sometimes sleepy eyes in the morning lead to having to remember it all over again, and sometimes you’d give anything to go back for just one more day.

Sometimes all you wish for is to forget it all completely, and sometimes it knocks the wind out of you to realize a day will come when you don’t remember how it feels to press your lips into his.

Someday the memories will become blurry, and the songs won’t sing his name, and the pockets of your jeans will be filled with your own hands and your own dreams, and your own arms will suddenly feel like home.

7. Sometimes there really isn’t an answer. … or so it seems at first. What once looked like a dead end will turn into a branch of endless possibilities, a single door opening that leads to so many more.

Sometimes it’s okay to be scared and confused and worried about moving forward, and sometimes it’s okay to not believe anything that all of the people around you have to say.

Sometimes, the only answer is to allow your eyes to rest for a moment…

… with the hope for a tomorrow…

… that leads to a brand new today.

You’re going to be okay.


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