hope for the hopeless


I can’t promise you a perfect life.

I can’t promise you clear skies
and sunshine
and rainbows overhead.

I can’t promise there won’t be long nights
or silly fights and

Storms that never seem to end.

But I can promise you this,
my beloved, my best side, my other half;
the moment I start loving you,
no piece of my heart will ever look back.

I promise I will keep you like a secret, close to my heart and always on my mind. I promise to listen closely as you whisper all of your hopes and dreams while your breath tickles my ears and your heart beats softly next to mine. I can’t promise we will dream the same dreams or fear the same fears, but I promise to learn each and every one of yours as I free fall into your laughter and bathe within your tears.

I promise to warm you like the sun, beating down on your skin and breathing life into even the iciest corners of your soul. As your winter creeps in, the way it always does, my piercing rays of golden fire will promise a new season is within reach if you ever get too cold. I promise to love you like the summer, hot and smooth and so alive. I’ll be the heat that melts your icebergs, the repeating voice promising you’ll survive.

I promise my arms will be your shelter, like a harbor for ships setting sail in the deep blue sea. If ever your waters get too rough, you can drift right back home to me. I can’t promise that the waters will always be smooth, or that we won’t fall overboard from time-to-time, but I can promise that as long as we’ve set sail together, we’re in for an unforgettable ride. I promise to let you create your own path if you feel the need to sail alone, but I’ll leave my lighthouse lamps ever burning, so you never lose sight of home.

I promise to live you like a fairytale, creating our own happily ever after as we go. My knight in shining armor, Romeo calling my name from down below. I can’t promise that we won’t encounter dragons and villains, but I also know there’s no stronger force than your fingers interlaced with mine. No swords or guns or magic spells would stand a chance with a connection so divine. I promise to read you like my favorite book as I cling to every word, smearing ink across your pages, the best ending I’ve ever heard.

I promise to be the marshmallow pillow your heart can fall upon, a constant safety net. I’ll memorize the song it sings, in case you ever happen to forget.  Though storms may fall upon us and the rain may come tumbling down, I promise your heart will stay safe and dry while the rest of the world slowly drowns. I promise to be safety in the chaos, security in the unknown, and while others seem to come and go,
I vow to never leave you alone.

I promise to be the kiss that leaves you breathless, the touch that causes weakness in your knees. I’ll carry you everywhere I choose to go, coursing through my veins like a disease. I’ll be the fire that ignites your passion, the dizziness that makes you lose control, the kind of electricity that flips your world completely upside down as it shocks straight through to your soul. Life may be hard, but I promise I’ll love you harder than you’ve ever been loved before,
each morning a reawakening, each night, coming back for more.

I promise to swim deep within your veins and boulder through the rocks within your mind. I promise to take vacations into your creative brilliance and light your visions on fire as we sit back and watch the smoke rise into the sky. I promise to kiss your wounds and trace your scars and crawl through your darkness just to find the slightest trace of light. I promise to soar higher than the clouds with you as our wildest dreams miraculously take flight. I promise to make flashcards of your freckles, and memorize the reflection of your eyes, I promise to study you from the inside out, beyond your mask and your disguise.

I promise to be the answer to your questions, no matter what they may be,
a lifelong math equation where 1+1 makes infinity.

 I promise to love you





Every tiny puzzle piece of me

From my head in the clouds to my deep-rooted feet,

These are the promises, I swear I will keep.


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