Sample Meal Plans–abs are made in the KITCHEN!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on what my advice is when it comes to eating, how often you should be eating, etc. etc. etc.
While I am definitely still learning what works best for MY needs and MY body, I wanted to share some of the plans that I have seen results with in the past, and also give you a better understanding of what different macronutrient ranges should look like in an ideal diet.

Obviously, everyone is different and your needs will vary depending on your goals, body type, size, and build. This should just act as a foundation for the meal plan that you construct for you. Shoot me any specific questions you have and let me know what you think!

– Extremely important, especially if you start doing more weight-bearing exercises and strength training.  Make sure you are getting protein throughout the day through meat, eggs, and bars/supplements if you have to.  A good balance of carbs/protein is most important in the mornings, so if you doesn’t like to eat a lot in the morning you should either have a bar or blend one scoop of whey with berries and milk (the berries will give you enough carbs)  OR one scoop whey with ½ cup oatmeal
I shoot for 130-150 grams of protein/day but make sure you get at least 100

**Try to make sure you are eating every 3 hours.  It is a hard habit to get into but once you have yourself trained your body will be clockwork every three hours. My day is typically 9-12-3-6-9 for my meals, so 5 meals total every 3 hours.

First sample meal plan:

MEAL ONE: ½ cup dry oatmeal and 6 egg whites (3/4 cup of egg beaters or simply egg whites, etc.) 230
MEAL TWO: Promax Bar LS 220
MEAL THREE: ¾ cup brown rice and 4 oz chicken/fish 320
MEAL FOUR: Promax bar OR Protein Shake OR Greek Yogurt/Fresh Fruit OR Sandwich with 2 slices sara lee 45 cal bread (this meal is a good one to try new things, or if you like the repetition just continue with a promax bar here) ~220-300
MEAL FIVE: 4 oz chicken/fish and unlimited amount of steamed veggies (asparagus/broccoli/cauliflower/green beans/etc. Avoid corn/canned veggies) or mixed greens salad 260
TOTAL = 1250-1330
*as a rule of thumb, you should never go below 1200kcal/day.

2nd Sample Meal Plan
9:00– 6 egg whites and one cup oatmeal with a little bit of sugar free jelly mixed in or sugar free maple syrup
12:00– an apple and a scoop of whey protein in 1 cup of almond milk (40 calorie kind, you can find it by the milk section and buy a big carton of it, it’s awesome and gives way more calcium plus less calories!)
3:00– two pieces sara lee 45 calorie bread with mustard, spinach, and one serving sliced lunch meat. UNLIMITED carrots/celery/cucumber/fresh veggies with sandwich
6:00– 4 oz chicken and unlimited steamed broccoli/carrots OR spinach salad
9:00-whey shake

*you can add a promax bar or an extra shake in there somewhere too

ALSO if you are a cereal lover, Kashi Lean (Kashi cereal in the red box) is a perfect meal with the protein/carb ratio if you like cereal. Have 1.5 servings (a cup and a half) with one cup almond milk and add cinnamon. YUM!

This one comes from my friend Alicia Marie. If you have any doubts, just take a look at her body and you will become a believer in no time at all.

First MEAL: ½ c.  unsweetened oats mixed with water and microwaved – pls. use whole rolled oats, not instant (I sweeten mine with splenda and cinnamon)

4 eggwhites scrambled with any veggies you like. (if this is too much food, reduce eggs to 3).

2:  6-7 oz. nonfat cottage cheese or Greek Yogurt with one piece of fruit or berries (preferred), or cut it up and mix in like a parfait, add Splenda or Truvia

3:  1 grilled chicken breast & 1/2 c. brown rice  AND

2 c. green veggies (broccoli, asparagus, green beans, spinach)


Baked Orange Roughy fish topped w roasted red peppers, ½ baked sweet potato & steamed broccoli

 4:  Whey Protein Shake (2 Scoops) & 2 tsp. flaxseed oil mixed in. you may also have

string cheese and fruit or hummus and veggies – veggies are ‘free foods.’ Buy a tray and eat the whole thing.

5:  Any lean protein (chicken, fish, lean steak or pork, turkey) about 6 oz. and 1 cup of green veggies OR grilled salmon and asparagus

TOO BLAND? There are TONS of salt-free spices by Mrs. Dash and McCormick that can help spice up your meal. Also, most hot sauces and salsas are low in calories, as well as mustard, but be careful you aren’t loading up on too much sodium.

SLEEP IS VERY IMPORTANT – if you don’t sleep you won’t see results!!!

Try For:

*1 gallon of water each day, but please work up to drinking that much!

Coffee/tea – black and sweetened only

Try green iced tea/splenda – yummy!

Questions? Feedback?

xoxo, Mac

3 thoughts on “Sample Meal Plans–abs are made in the KITCHEN!

  1. You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it. It is SO CRAZY how much of an impact your diet/nutrition has on your overall health and physique!! I am still learning, but it fascinates me!

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