Last week, I hit a plateau with my lifts. I wasn’t getting sore with the rep and weight ranges I could perform, but I was at at point where I felt like  I was going to injure myself if I tried to increase my weight. Instead of staying stagnant, I decided to switch things up just for a week to trick my body and bust through my plateau.

I am doing a week of really high volume workouts (high reps, lots of sets) in order to fatigue my muscles and keep my body guessing. Today, I trained legs and I had an awesome workout that I wanted to share with you!

One scoop BodyRush by ForceFactor
5 g creatine monohydrate
Post workout:
5 g creatine monohydrate



I warmed up on the stairmill for 5 minutes and then did 5 minutes of dynamic stretching

[I performed these 4 lifts in a circuit fashion–i.e. I went through all 4 lifts and then started over and did them all again, for 4 times total. I performed 20 reps each time (yes, 20 on each leg for lunges too!!)]

1. DEADLIFT with barbell (20)
4. PLIÉ SQUAT (20)

Make sure you are going LOW on each rep, squeeze at the top, and really focus on the muscle you are working. I did not put the weight I used, because everyone is different. But as a rule of thumb, it’s better to only get 15 and have to drop weight to perform all 20 than being able to easily do 20 reps. PUSH YOURSELF!!!

[After finishing 4 times through with above circuit, I finished with this triple superset]

Pulley Hip Extension  (click for video): 20 each leg
Good Mornings: 20
Back extensions: 10 weighted, 10 body weight (20 total each time)

[try and do pulley hip extension without holding on to bar to work the stationary foot, as well…you will have to do less weight than if you hold onto the bar]

This workout KICKED MY BOOTY! (literally)
Try it out and let me know what you think… my leg day motto is that if you don’t almost toss your cookies at least once, you better do one more set.

PUSH YOURSELF. You’re not going to get the booty you WANT by sitting on the one you HAVE!

Happy Lifting 🙂


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