Lately, my life has been overwhelmingly blessed by attraction.



No, silly, not THAT kind of attraction…
(my awesome, funny, charming, wonderful boyfriend does this super adorable thing where he doesn’t exist…)
I’m talking about the LAW OF ATTRACTION. The idea that ‘you get what you give‘ or ‘you receive the forces that you are putting out into the world‘. Put into even simpler terms,
(in which case, above stated awesome, funny, charming, wonderful boyfriend can start existing anyyyytime now…..) just kidding.

People take this whole ‘law of attraction’ idea to many different lengths and extremes, but I have learned, especially lately, that the basic premise of this idea harbors a lot of truth.

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Think about it. If you are a fairly negative person, your favorite past-times include throwing pity parties for yourself and discussing how hard you have it, what kind of people are you going to attract into your life? Most likely people who would like to be added to the guest list for your pity parties and enjoy coming up with even more reasons why life sucks.

On the other hand, if you strive to find positivity even when the going gets tough, and like to see the glass as half full, you most likely find yourself surrounded by people that feel the same. SO, what’s my point? This all seems pretty obvious and common sense, right? Wrong.

The hardest part about this law is that YOU determine the energy you put out into the world; therefore, determining the energy that you attract right back. It can be hard to break the mold if you are used to being pessimistic, negative, and self-loathing. It can be even harder to change the environment you have been surrounded by for the duration of your negative past, and it’s hard sometimes realizing that some of the relationships in your life are only weighing you down.



The best advice and insight I can give in this situation is to be the kind of person you would like to have in your life. A lot of this begins with your relationship with yourself. If you can accept your flaws, realize that you are human and you are going to make mistakes, and own your own journey, it makes it a whole lot easier to accept other’s flaws and appreciate them for being human.

I have learned recently that spewing out feelings of jealousy, insecurity, inadequacy, and negativity will attract even more of these thoughts and feelings. Misery loves company, and often times one thought turns into a few comments which turns into a whole conversation and eventually leads to a very unhealthy mindset.

If you don’t know where to start, start with your thoughts. I really believe that it’s possible to “think your way happy” if you put the effort into it. Your thoughts and your mindset can turn your whole day around. Wake up in the morning with a thankful heart, start that day with a hopeful outlook, and face challenges with the faith and knowledge that you are strong enough to get through anything.



Once your thoughts have been mastered, evaluate your words. Are you the friend that people come to when they need their spirits lifted, or are you the friend that people come to when they want to spend the evening tearing people down and speaking badly of others? It’s so easy to tear others down in an attempt to make ourselves feel better for a second, but I have learned that I always feel so much worse about myself whenever I gossip, or even fill my mind with thoughts of negativity or resentment.  Taking the high road isn’t always easy, but the view is so much better up there, I promise.

I’ve been blown away lately at how many amazing people my life has been blessed with.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many strong, confident, beautiful, inspiring women. These women remind me that I am beautiful when I am feeling blue, help me to focus on my strength when I am feeling weak, and sing my heart’s song back to me when I forget the words.
Alone, I am strong, but TOGETHER, we are a force to be reckoned with.

I challenge you to think about the things you want to attract in your life. Think about your goals, your wishes, your dreams.
And then, starting with your thoughts, make them all happen.

And for any of the moments you might feel as though you CAN’T, I am here right now telling you YOU CAN.

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