a baby grand and her Rubinstein {poetry}

Credit: Page Lillian

Credit: Page Lillian

Open up my pages and read me like a book,

Run your tired fingers up and down my spine,

I’ll be the story that keeps you hooked.

Find my inner lyrics, and sing me like a song,

A baby grand that’s found her Rubinstein,

You can play me all night long.

Paint me like a canvas; a masterpiece created with your hands alone,

Keep me displayed above your mantle,

Your walls, my newfound home.

Pluck me like a violin, humming sounds of pizzicato,

Run your bow along my tightened strings,

Close your eyes as our melody flows.

Credit: Jennifer Maroney

Credit: Jennifer Maroney

Write me like a fairytale, as I cling to your every word,

Smearing ink across my pages,

The best ending I’ve ever heard.

Mold me like a pottery wheel, curves rounded in your hands,

Fire me with your kiln-like lips,

Filled with secrets only I could understand.

Fly me like an aeroplane, floating free from gravity,

Discover me on a road in the stars,

I’m the map and you’re the key.

Credit: Jennifer Maroney

Credit: Jennifer Maroney


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