I’ve found myself an awesome workout partner here in Arizona. He is in the physical therapy program at my school and we started lifting together a couple months ago. Everyone has their own styles and preferences when it comes to working out, and I tend to go back-and-forth between lifting with someone and lifting alone.

It is really important to find a lifting partner that challenges you, motivates you, and most importantly PUSHES you. It’s easy to “play it safe” when you are lifting alone, and having someone there to spot you and help you push your limits makes for some serious gains. I have been super blessed to have Justin as a lifting partner and I already notice a difference in my strength and ability since we have started working out together.

Yesterday, he wrote a Shoulder and Chest workout that totally kicked my trash!! It’s always nice to have someone else write a workout for you every once in a while to keep your body guessing and switch things up a bit.

Since I love you all SO much, I am going to post the workout for you here!

Prelift: BRX 
Intra-lift: Amino Recovery


Warm up: 10 minutes HIIT on stair mill

1. Decline bench press 3 x 8-10
2. Barbell Standing Row to Press 3 x 10
3. Low Cable Fly 3 x 10 SUPERSET WITH Seated Rear-Delt DB Raise 3 x 10
4. Flat DB Bench Press 3 x 10
5. Seated Lateral Raise 3 x 10
6. Front Plate Raises 3 x 21’s:
(I held a 10 and a 5 lb plate at the same time. Hold plates in front of you like you are driving a car, arms fully extended, lower back down. I would do 7 straight up and down, 7 angled to right side, 7 angled to left side.)

Push ups (set a goal for yourself and take small breaks in between burning out until number is reached. I did 55)
Arnold Press: 3 burn-out sets (you will lift less weight than normal, shoulders should BURN!)


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