Pre-Lift Whaaaat?!

I’ve had a few questions recently about pre-workout supplements,
what they do, why you should use them, etc. etc. etc.

I started using pre-workout (or pre-lift) supplements a few years ago and I have tried a pretty fair amount of different brands, types, and formulas. Every time I go to a fitness expo I come home with a bunch of new brands to try and I love the great workout and extra boost of energy that they provide. The only problem is that everyone reacts differently to the ingredients put in pre-workout formulas and a lot of times you can take too much and it will make you feel jittery, shaky, or “crash” afterwards. I have learned my lesson one too many times when it comes to taking new pre-workout supplements, and let me tell you…it is NOT a fun lesson to learn!

As of right now, my favorite pre-lift is called Body Rush and it is made by ForceFactor. I have had a positive experience with ForceFactor brand supplements as a whole, and have not had a bad experience with any of their products.

What is Body Rush and what does it do?
Many pre-lift formulas contain a really high amount of stimulants and can lead to jitters or crashing after you take the supplement. The best thing about Body Rush is that it uses natural amino acids in order to give you a sustained amount of energy and focus throughout your workout without “crashing” at the end or feeling like you have too much pent up energy throughout your lift.

Some pre-workout supplements also make me feel really anxious or irritable. It took me a while to realize that it was my pre-workout that was making me feel this way, but I starting keeping a workout journal and tracking my mood and progress. I found that certain pre-lifts made me really irritable throughout the workout, and while I had a lot of energy, I was grouchy and felt really anxious throughout my workouts.

Is a pre-workout supplement right for you?
I think that anyone lifting weights can benefit from a pre-workout supplement and should give it a try. I know that there have been days that I wouldn’t have gotten through my workout had it not been for a pre-lift that I had been taking, plus there’s no better feeling than the intensity and focus that comes from a pre-workout supplement. At the same time, I think that it is important to rely on your own energy stores and not too much on supplementation for energy. It is important to cycle off of anything you are putting in your body, regardless of whether or not there are negative health benefits. Too much of a good thing can really be too much of a good thing 🙂 I try to give myself one solid week off of all supplements each 8-12 weeks, depending on how I am feeling. I will hit the gym really hard, make sure I am getting all of my vitamins and supplements in, and then I will take a solid week to allow my body to refuel, recharge, and detoxify from anything it may be holding onto. I also make sure to give myself 1-2 days off from the gym each week, and obviously don’t take a pre-lift on those days.

If you have specific questions about other pre-workout supplements, or other products that you want information about or are thinking about trying, shoot me a comment and I will give you as much feedback as I can! I am here to help! ❤

xoxo, Mac


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