Here is an awesome back workout that I did today:

Pre-lift: Beast Mode in Pink Lemonade (I liked this pre-lift a lot. I felt a really concentrated lift the whole time and I didn’t get too flushed out or anything. I also felt really good afterwards and felt focused while I was studying my life away after the gym)
Intra-workout: Amino Recovery in Watermelon by (we all know I love these Aminos!)

Warm-up: 10 minutes on elliptical

I did three different lifts together as a circuit three times through. Then I did 3 different lifts as another circuit three times through. I liked this series and although I did 6 different lifts in total, the workout seemed to go by really fast and I liked this combination a lot!

1st three:
1. Wide grip assisted pull-ups (8-10 reps)
2. Dumbbell Back Flys (10-15 lb dumbbell, 10 reps)
3. Straight Arm Pulley press-downs (10 reps)

2nd three:
1. Narrow reverse grip lat pulldown (8-10 reps)
2. Low cable rope row (8-10 reps)
3. One arm dumbbell row (8-10 reps)

I am going to try and keep my blog posts updated with more pictures (so if you see me at the gym and I suddenly look like “THAT” girl with her camera out, just know I feel just as funny as I look 🙂

What kind of lifts/exercises would you like to see more of??

xoxo , Mac

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