Before I flew back to Arizona, my good friend Terra took me with her to a Crossfit class at Expedition Crossfit in Idaho.
I have wanted to try Crossfit for a while, as I have a lot of friends that SWEAR by it and love it so much. I am always up for a new challenge and to learn new workouts, so I was excited and anxious to take my first class.


Needless to say, I loved it! I had a great workout and learned some new techniques and a great new foundation for my workouts. I

I wanted to share a new style of workout that I have tailored to be done in a normal gym (or even at home if you wanted to!) I really like this type of workout because it incorporates a burst of cardio throughout the lift.

So, the “WOD” when I went with Terra went similar to this:

1. 10 overhead squats–> 1 pushup–> 10 burpees
2. 9 overhead squats–>2 pushups–>jumprope 90 times
3. 8 overhead squats–>3 pushups–>10 burpees
4. 7 overhead squats–>4 pushups–>jumprope 90 times
5. 6 overhead squats–>5 pushups–>10 burpees
6. 5 overhead squats–>6 pushups–>jumprope 90 times
7. 4 overhead squats–>7 pushups–>10 burpees
8. 3 overhead squats–>8 pushups–>jumprope 90 times
9. 2 overhead squats–>9 pushups–>10 burpees
10. 1 overhead squats–>10 pushups–>jumprope 90 times

Here’s an overhead squat refresher for anyone a little confused. While performing this set, I used a 45 lb squat bar with 10’s on each side, totaling 65 pounds. I used the assisted pull-up machine for the pull-ups and made sure to really get the full extension each time.

And, here is a burpee refresher for those of you that have not yet been introduced to the DREADED (but OH SO worth it) BURPEES!

You do the whole thing through, nonstop (obviously get drinks as necessary, but try not to stop otherwise!)

I liked the decreasing reps of one lift while increasing reps of the other lift, especially since the lifts are targeting different muscle groups because you are so tired at the end but can still give each lift 100%.

front squatphoto

The way that I tailored this to my workout yesterday was by doing front squats instead of overhead squats and pull-ups instead of pushups. I still alternated between jumprope and burpees, and started with 10 squats/1 pull up and continued to decrease/increase as I went for 10 sets total. SUCH A GOOD WORKOUT!

You could use this for any 2 lifts and change it up each time. Play around with different weights and reps in order to keep your body guessing each time 🙂


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