I stumbled across this “Holiday Challenge” and all I have to say is… I AM SO IN!
Unfortunately, it is already December 8th, so I have a little making-up to do! Over the next few days, I plan to do the required squats for that day, plus make up for the squats I have missed over the past week. I will edit this post and add progress and ideas. There are SO MANY different squat variations and options, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

I am going to squat my way to a better booty…. who’s with me?!?!?!


Day 1: DECEMBER 9th 2012
Today I started the Squat-a-thon challenge, which meant that I had 8 days of squats to make up for. I decided to do a squat variation workout with cardio mixed in, and I ended up loving it. (My legs were shaking by the end, but it felt SO good. I will do this workout again just to do it!) Here is what I did in order to get caught up with the squat challenge:
ps. It’s still not too late to start! DO IT WITH ME!!!

Pre-lift: BodyRush by ForceFactor (I had sustained energy through my whole workout and I was able to switch between lifting and cardio while still maintaining steady energy and focus. I <;3 this stuff)
Intra-lift: Xtend by Scivation (watermelon)

WARM UP- 10 minutes elliptical level 8

1. 20 static body weight squats–go LOW and squeeze at the top
2. 25 static body weight squats–go LOW and squeeze at the top
3. 15 each side (30 total) squat kickbacks
4. 20 each (40 total) squat kickbacks


5. 20 each side (40 total) bulgarian split squat
6. 22 each side (44 total) bulgarian split squat
7. dance kick squats (2 sets: 15 each side, then 10 each side resulting in 25 each side or 50 total)


55 static body weight squats (20 normal, 20 wide sumo squats, 15 narrow)

DONE! 300 squats completed!!!!!!

PS… SQUAT-A-THON update for anyone interested/reading this post after challenge was complete:

I didn’t think it was possible but my booty definitely got bigger! (in a good way)
My love for squats continues to grow along with my booty.

DID YOU KNOW that squats work 256 muscles in your body and target more muscle groups than almost any other lift? Squats incorporate core  muscles and even your traps/shoulders/upper body gets in on the action when performing a squat. There are SO many different variations and styles you can do and the results are WELL WORTH the burn!


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