be braver than I have been; let yourself be loved



Because someday love is going to fill you as easily as the rain fills the endless sea. I always thought the ocean was complete until I watched it become a forever home for terrified droplets being dispelled from the sky.
Be braver than I have been. Don’t hide your water behind glass doors and guarded fences. Dive all the way to the bottom without wondering what lies below. Throw away the map and the plans and don’t worry about finding the treasure.
Be braver than I have been and allow yourself to realize that the treasure has already found you. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself love. Do not jump in the car and drive until the skies turn black and your heart feels at home. Do not beg the airplane to stay just a moment longer in the clouds so your stomach might stay at the top and leave the butterflies in the skies where they belong. Do not bury your face in your hands to forget the smell and taste and dance that only accompanies two souls in love.
Be braver than I have been.
Let yourself be loved. 

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