Share your light

Throughout my blogging experience I have experienced good days, bad days, frustrated days, excited days, the list goes on and on. While chatting with a good friend on the phone last week, I voiced a concern that I had about my blog,

“Why would anyone even care to read what I have to say??”

Her answer was short, sweet, and simple. ‘Because you are HUMAN. You are REAL. You are a normal person dealing with normal issues, normal struggles, and normal life. No one wants to read something from a girl with a perfect body because her entire life revolves around her physique.’

I was so humbled by this answer and it really got me thinking about the places that I go for motivation/advice/inspiration. While there are times that I look to the “pros” for SPECIFIC, detailed plans or information, I find the majority of my daily inspiration in the world around me.

I am always so amazed at the strength and support that surrounds me every single day. I have learned that everyone you meet is fighting a battle, whether they make it known to the world or not, and even a simple smile can turn someone’s entire day around. We are all human, we all have demons and struggles and problems. Rather than kick each other while we are down, why not channel our “stronger” days in lifting others up, in hopes that they would do the same for us when we need it most?

I am also human in a sense that I am far from perfect and I have been guilty of channeling my weak moments to tear other down, feel jealous, resentful, and even angry at the success of the people around me. But I have learned that regardless of the instant gratification I may immediately receive by bringing someone down, I always end up feeling lower than I could have ever imagined. Those negative feelings only result in an inward sword and hurt you in the end.

At the same rate, I have NEVER regretted building someone up.

“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else.”

I find so much joy in helping others, sharing my successes and failures, and knowing that I have impacted someone’s life, or perhaps even just their day, for the better. I have learned that on the days I am feeling negative feelings, I can squash them almost instantly by forgetting about my own problems and helping to rid someone else of theirs. Those happy and euphoric feelings that fill your heart by giving to others are unbeatable.

I challenge you all to lift someone up today. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture and they don’t even have to know you are trying to brighten their day. Sometimes the best kind of giving is the kind that we receive no credit for, as the benefit that we receive is within the giving itself.

Share a smile, hold a door open, tell someone they are beautiful. Lift someone else up, and see how much higher you can get at the same time 🙂

xoxo Mac

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