creating my sacred space {office remodel}

I have always believed it’s super important to create physical spaces that we frequent in our daily lives that feel like comfort, home, and safety. I am the girl with thumbtack pictures and essential oils surrounding my desk at work, I am the girl with lipstick affirmations written on my bathroom mirror, and I am the girl with a picture of my dad that always travels with me on the visor of my car. I really believe these little things can make a big difference in our everyday lives, and also help us to channel our creativity and inner feelings in a positive way.

My office was a room in my house that never quite felt finished. I often kept the door shut and told new guests they could tour every room in the house–except my office. I’d quickly open the door and let them have a swift glance and the door would close again, until I was forced to go inside to get a document or retrieve my typewriter. In turn, I usually completed my writing on the couch in the living room, while lying in bed, or in my car while I was on the go. I didn’t honor my need to have a sacred space for writing and I felt my creativity suffer immensely.

One weekend, I decided it was time to turn my office into a room that I could love. A room that offered safety and inspiration, a room that delivered openness and absorbed my fears or insecurities. I recruited my creative and inspiring friend Tina, and we went to work.


I chose to paint one of the accent walls with magnetic paint primer  from Home Depot. I chose black primer and decided to just leave it how it was because I really liked the matte look, but it can be topped with any color of paint, making it super versatile and useful. We added 3 coats of the magnetic paint to help increase its magnetic powers. It still only holds light magnets, but it works perfectly for the use I had in mind.


I ordered a set of colored ABC magnets from Amazon and spray painted them gold. I also bought scrabble tiles and added small circle magnets to the back to use when I’m feeling extra artsy and to add another element to the wall. Eventually, I plan to add some white empty frames and paint the wall space within the frames with chalkboard paint in order to turn it into a sort of “wordy artsy gallery wall”–and, yes, that is the official term that most authors and artists would use 😉


I created another gallery style wall above my desk and utilized mostly thrifted frames and a rope with small gold clips for polaroids. We attached shoelace string to the top of some of the small frames using hot glue and hung them on clear thumbtacks. As you can see, I still need to fill some of the frames, but I love how it turned out! I also taped off and spray painted the door panels gold. Such a fun and easy touch to add some uniqueness to the room. Plus, my literal life motto is “all gold everything” so it just works.


Can’t forget the smoke detector! *Disclaimer: it clearly says “do not paint” on the smoke detector. So, naturally, I painted it and it set every alarm in the house off. I had to call ADT to tell them to please not send the firefighters (again) and it turned into kind of a fiasco. Attempt at your own risk. Worth it.


My amazing and talented friends Tina and Kylie made me this hanging beautiful piece of heaven using coffee filters, balloons, and scrapbook paper. I have no idea how to tell you how to make it but you can’t have mine because I’m obsessed. I also love this corner because I incorporated a trunk that used to belong to my grandparents as well as little details that make such a big difference. I’ve been a big fan of typing short quotes on my typewriter and framing them. Easy to change out, and instant inspiration! I spray painted some of the paper gold before sending it through the printer or typewriter, which added an extra fun and vintage feel.


*siiiigh* I love details.


I covered my router and modem boxes using tissue paper and an old Birch Box and put them in with some books and cute bookends. Cute and easy way to disguise unsightly cords and boxes. Spray painting them gold was obviously going to be my next choice.


I spray painted the closet door panels gold, as well. This corner is made complete thanks to one of my grandmother’s beautiful vintage chairs and a gold-dipped feather mural made by my lovely friend Kamber. It makes the perfect little reading nook.

Here are a few before and afters. The before was so hideous that I am going to refrain from posting very many. Let’s just focus on the good, eh?



And that’s a wrap! A room remodel isn’t complete without lots of dancing and lots of messes.



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