TYH FAVORITES: episode 1

I am going to start adding a “favorites” section to the blog. I will update each week with a few of my favorite things.
Most of them will be fitness/health related, but I might throw a few curveballs in there every now and again if I think something is SO AWESOME that it should make the list. Enjoy!


1. Favorite workout music:
I like upbeat, catchy music when I work out. I have certain playlists that I listen to depending on the type of exercise I am performing. For cardio, I like music that has motivating lyrics and not a lot of profanity or vulgarity. It’s funny, when I am lifting, I almost “tune out” the lyrics of the songs on my ipod, but when I am doing cardio I really zone in on what the song is saying. I can’t focus if the music is blaring profane words into my ears and I like motivating lyrics. My favorite running playlist looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.05.39 PM


2. Favorite Workout Day:
I look forward to working each and every muscle group, but my 2 favorites would probably have to be LEG DAY (love/hate relationship with this one) and SHOULDERS (because I have really been focusing on building shoulders lately)
I have posted a couple great leg workouts HERE and HERE and a shoulder workout HERE.

I love the results that I see when I work my legs, and there really is no greater feeling than leaving the gym after an awesome leg workout. While I often have to “amp myself up” before a tough leg workout, it’s always such an accomplishment when the workout is complete.


3. Favorite HEALTHY treat: SLUDGE!!!!!
I am obsessed with sludge. I have it almost every night, and I CANNOT believe that it is actually good for me to be eating.

The recipe for sludge is one scoop of chocolate protein, add water until it is brownie batter consistency, and then stir in 1-2 TBS chunky peanut butter, freeze until desired consistency.

Here’s the thing… up until last week I had always used ForceFactor’s Brownie Batter Performance Protein as my “chocolate protein” for the sludge. I ran out of this protein last week and (once I calmed myself down from hyperventilating because I’m obsessed with this stuff,) I used another brand of chocolate protein to make my sludge. IT WAS AWFUL!!! I completely attribute my love for sludge to ForceFactor’s brownie batter protein and I will never make it with another kind of protein again. I even made it for once of my girlfriends and she was like “whoa, this is WAY different than when I make it. It is SO MUCH better with your kind of protein!!!”


I kid you not…. brownie batter protein sludge literally tastes like you melted a reese’s peanut butter cup and then froze it. IT IS SO GOOD YOU WILL THINK YOU DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. Favorite multi-purpose “sauce”
FRANK’S BUFFALO RED HOT WING SAUCE. So good. I add it to everything. Steamed veggies, chicken, pasta, you  name it. I love this stuff. It tastes so naughty and adds so much flavor, but has no calories! I get mine at Winco and there are a few Frank’s flavors, but I like Buffalo the best.


5. Favorite NEW fitness trick: VINEGAR!
Vinegar has many health benefits that most people are unaware of! Vinegar can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, cure infections, aid in the absorption of minerals, control blood sugar, and lower your calorie alternative when used in place of high calorie foods such as mayonnaise and tarter sauce. An article on bodybuilding.com discussed adding vinegar post-workout and with your last high carb meal of the day to yield the best results. Vinegar can be added to salads, pasta, veggies, or even just mixed in water and taken like a shot (doesn’t taste the best, but the health benefits are worth it!) I have added apple cider vinegar to my daily diet and I already notice a difference in my skin, digestion, and acid reflux problems. Do a little research and see if vinegar would be a positive addition to your daily routine.

xoxo Mac

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 12.28.47 PM


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