Here’s a full body workout I did today with my good friend Terra.
I did 3 minutes of HIIT in between each superset (one minute at level 8, one minute at level 16, one minute level 8)
Adding cardio in between each set helps spike your heart rate and allows for cardiovascular activity without eating up your muscles and still allowing for full exertion during the lift.
Try it out and let me know what you think!

Pre-lift: BodyRush
Intra-workout: Xtend, Lemon Lime

For the clean and press I used the 45 lb bar that you use to squat or bench press with, but you could easily use a 20 or 30 lb barbell if this is too much. I also performed a “power clean” which means I brought the bar all the way to the ground in between each rep, rather than just to my knees. This is a great way to engage SO many muscles of the upper and lower body, creating a great fat-blasting burn!

Happy lifting! xoxo

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