obsession alert: DETOX TEA

Lately, I have been obsessed with a little detox tea creation that makes drinking incessant amounts of water a little more bearable.

All you need is:
Lemon/lime/both (I like fresh lemon/limes, squeezed)
Cayenne Pepper

I started out having this tea hot, and I would drink it at night with dinner or in the mornings when I first woke up and started getting ready in the mornings.  As you know, I live in Arizona and it isn’t exactly weather appropriate to drink piping hot tea during the day here, so I decided to try it iced—and I LOVED it!

Drinking a lot of water is something that is so important to your health and I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to make sure you are getting enough water daily. It makes your skin brighter, curbs your appetite, and helps flush away toxins from your body. (I strive for 1-2 GALLONS/day but I definitely had to work my way up to that)

Anyways–back to my obsession–I get bored drinking water completely plain and flavorless (borrrrring!) And this has served as a perfect fix, plus the cayenne pepper helps speed metabolism and the lemon and cinnamon both have health benefits, as well!

I usually use a shaker bottle, but any normal water bottle will work. I put ice, lemon, a few shakes of cayenne and cinnamon, add water, and go on my way. The best part about it is that a lot of the contents will settle to the bottom, and even if you shake it up between each drink, some of the cinnamon and pepper is bound to settle, so when you finish one bottle all you have to do is refill that same bottle and voila! you have a whole new bottle of detox tea without having to bring all of the ingredients with you. You can add more or less of the ingredients to make it exactly how you life it. Be mindful that cayenne is pretty spicy and you don’t need a whole lot to add flavor.

Also, you can easily add cucumber, squeezed orange, a little sweetener, or even a packet of crystal lite or another drink mix to change it up a little and keep your taste buds craving more!

Let me know what you think! ❤


2 thoughts on “obsession alert: DETOX TEA

  1. Love your thinking on this. I start, and finish my day with a squeezed lemon and warm water, a great tonic, and I try to use sweeter lemons. But must give the pepper thingy a go tonight…

    And coincidently, I was just at my local herbalist and bought a tea infusion mixture of Red Clover, Gotu Kola, & Chaparral. I actually grow some Kota Gola, and chew a couple of leaves on my way to the “shed” each day…Take care!

    1. Awesome! Give it a try and let me know what you think. It has been my saving grace lately, as I was getting bored to death with drinking plain water all the time. I also try to stay away from artificially sweetened drink mixes, so although those can be a good alternative every once in a while, this one definitely has my vote overall. Thanks for sharing, I have never tried Kota Gola but I want to give that a whirl 🙂

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