why “take your heart?”

I’ve always loved the phrase “take your heart and run”, and if you know me, you know it is plastered all over the majority of the things I own.  I love the simplicity of the saying, but I love the meaning it holds deep within myself even more.  I like the literal meaning of taking your heart and ACTUALLY running, as working out has always been such a huge release for me, and nothing beats a runner’s high.  I also like the metaphorical sense of taking responsibility for your own heart…for taking your heart and running when it means the most.  When someone has hurt you, when you are trying to protect yourself, and most important of all–when you are chasing a dream.
Life gives you a lot of opportunities to take your heart and run, but it also gives you even more opportunities to take your heart and do something else, hence the name of this blog.

So take your heart and go do something with it, and I promise to do the same…


Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 12.28.47 PM

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