take your heart and start a blog

I have wanted to start a fitness related blog for quite some time now and I finally decided that it’s never the perfect time to do anything, so I will make right now the perfect time to start!

I have used a journal to log my nutrition and workout plans a lot in the past, but I feel like all of my thoughts and words get jumbled up and my notebooks turn into coasters for my shaker bottle or get left at the gym.  I have months upon months of old food logs, workout plans, and thoughts/feelings about fitness that desperately need a home–so here it is!

I am excited to start sharing my progress, my strengths, and my weaknesses.  I am excited to write down things that have worked for me, favorite supplements and workouts that have given me the best results.  Mostly, I am excited to have an “outlet for my outlet”, if you will.  Working out has served as a HUGE stress relief for me over the years and I can happily say that I am 100% obsessed. But I am also a female–and a human, two things that I easily forget when comparing myself to other people around me, pictures in magazines, fitness competitors, etc. It is so easy for me to forget to be thankful for all of the wonderful things my body does for me and instead focus on the areas I am lacking.

So often I find myself starting a new goal right as I reach an old one. Rather than bask in my achievement and whole-heartedly feel happy and proud of my accomplishments, I am already moving on to the “next best thing” and feeling inadequate that I am not already there.  This blog will help me in those times, as I will be able to look back on my progress and see how far I have truly come.  Not to say that there won’t be a plethora of frustrated or confused posts, as those emotions just come along with the lifestyle (and carb depletion), but I am hoping that by writing down my thoughts and feelings it will serve as a therapy from my own form of therapy, and hopefully reach people experiencing similar thoughts or situations.

I might be a little blog happy at first, as I have SO MUCH I WANT TO SAY about this lifestyle that I am so passionate about. I have had quite a few friends recently approach me and ask me for nutrition plans or different things that I have tried in the past and found success with, so I will try and get those up soon as a good starting point to go off of.

I’m not perfect and I still have A LOT to learn in this ever-changing lifestyle. I am excited to embark on this journey and invite you to hop on the train and help me enjoy the ride 🙂Image

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