30 Days to Ignite Your Fire




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This book focuses on finding balance.
It will not offer cookie cutter meal plans, extreme workouts, or restrictive behaviors.
It will, instead, guide the readers as they get ‘back to the basics’ regarding nutrition, challenge their bodies with workouts that can be performed anywhere, and ignite their passions as they look inside at the beauty they possess without even needing to look in the mirror.

Our goal is to help spread the “I am Enough” movement and offer a realistic approach to nutrition, fitness, and finding an inner peace and happiness. Our personal struggles for perfection and the sudden realization that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful has bound us by a common thread. We hope to bring this book into the homes of many and help women realize that although it is incredible to set goals, it’s also imperative to find happiness with the here-and-now.

The best part about this journey is that the transformation will not end upon reaching day 30.
In fact, sweet soul, we can promise you that the transformation will have only just begun.

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6 thoughts on “30 Days to Ignite Your Fire

    1. Colleen, sign up for the giveaway! We would love for you to join us in the first launch of the 30 day challenge! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. I hope that we can help women everywhere realize that they are already enough, just as they are. All my best xoxo

  1. I love your message and so need it. I can see my own decline in personal worth and that is all I feed off of-my negativity. I need and want differently and think I will follow along. Thanks so much. I’m glad Karissa introduced me to you.

    1. Christy, it’s so great to connect with you! Thank you for reaching out. We are all in this together and my hope is to create a community where women can feel excited about their goals while still realizing they are already enough just as they are. I’ve learned that setting sight on a future happiness usually results in a lot of unhappy steps in between. If we make the choice to be happy NOW we will find ways to enjoy every piece of this beautiful journey. All my best. Please please keep in touch! I am excited for you to join us!

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