not another love poem with a happy ending.

Not another love poem with a happy ending.

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Everyone says it’ll happen when you least expect it.
I was un-showered and unsuspecting when your eyes met mine.
You shook my hand and told me your name and somehow I knew I’d heard it a hundred lifetimes before.
I often wonder why I wasted so much time wishing on shooting stars when I could have found the answer to all of my wishes in the glow of the Sun.
You told me you loved me in the middle of messy endings and broken beginnings, but for the first time in my life I believed in something I couldn’t hold in my own two hands.
I’ve written so many hopeless love poems about you with sleepy eyes and tear-stained keyboards, but it’s even hard for the girl with all the words to put on paper a single feeling that the entire dictionary couldn’t explain.
It happens every time I hear your name.
We don’t have all the answers but we hold hands when we’re lost in Kansas and I’ve learned sometimes that is a better answer than any directions someone could give .
We’ve seen beaches and skylines but our favorite adventures are the miles we cover together in between.
You kiss my forehead and beat me to the passenger door just so you can open it for me, and somehow you believe in me even when my voice shakes and there are question marks in my eyes.
and sometimes it hurts.
God, sometimes life hurts like stinging windburn and ice cream headaches and wondering what I’d ever do without you by my side.
The most important thing you’ve taught me is that instead of running,
you can choose to stay.
I used to write love poems with happily ever afters about someone I hoped to meet someday. But this isn’t another love poem with a happy ending.
This is a story about a boy and a girl who found themselves brave enough to take on the world together.
a love poem with a happy beginning for a change.
two people who loved each other all the way to the moon and back

No endings are needed when you both make the choice to stay.

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